Hi Strivers family,

When my husband Marcus and I started The Strivers Row four years ago, we created the NYC Summer Show as a great platform to promote a group of artists that we know, care for, and believe in. We thought it was the best way to bring a new audience together: to generate fresh, exciting work, and grow our shared vision. Later this year, we will be making a geographical transition with our family, one that will impact our ability to carry out the summer show as we have in the past. For that reason, we have recently decided that July 31, 2014 will be our final summer showcase in New York City.

To be clear, the changes that we will undergo over the next few months will take place primarily at the level of programming. We plan to do more than ever before in terms of writing workshops (online and in-person!), and cross-genre collaboration. You will still be able to see our artists on tour. Our channel will continue to be a place where you can view powerful content. Most of all, we will continue to develop artists, which has always been our primary focus.


Since Day 1, our desire has been to provide the best possible representation for the artists we work with. That commitment remains intact, and has evolved into something infinitely more wonderful than either my husband or I ever imagined. As we continue to grow into a more expansive, multifaceted company, we will be counting on your support. Thank you for rocking with us for the past four years. We eagerly anticipate what the future will bring.

It’s  The Row!

Latoya Bennett-Johnson - Founder/CEO


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